An update from Paragon’s President & CEO

COVID-19 Update
Paragon took early action on March 12th to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. Non-essential personnel started working remotely and adapted quickly to this new way of conducting business. Production teams began to work split shifts seamlessly and continue to employ rigid CDC Guidelines for social distancing, PPE and sanitation.

We have had no confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases. We have had a few supplier disruptions, but we either adjusted customer delivery dates or found alternate suppliers with little to no impact on our overall business.

NLI Integration
Paragon purchased Nuclear Logistics LLC on February 28th. With integration activities already in place for several weeks prior to the acquisition, we hit the ground running. The integration has gone exceptionally well.

Our customers should be placing orders as they always have to NLI in TX, Paragon in TN, and Paragon in NY. As we combine our Quality Programs, Operations, Engineering Processes, Finance and Sales teams, we will communicate those changes to our customers. We want to make it simple, efficient and economical to do business with Paragon. Our goal is to be “One Paragon” by the end of 2020 with a unified QA program, common and consistent processes, as well as a single order point for our customers.

Paragon Updates
Paragon ventured into new ways to reach our nuclear customers after the plants and corporate centers banned visitors in March due to the COVID-19 risk. Paragon hosted a webinar on how to use the Paragon PeAks on-line parts database that was attended by over 80 utility representatives. In addition, we hosted a virtual I&C Repair Lunch & Learn (without the lunch of course) for a nuclear power plant’s tech and engineering staff. The feedback on both events was tremendous, and we expect to schedule more virtual events in the future covering subjects that include I&C Repair, Reverse Engineering, Qualification and Dedication.

PeAks, now recognized as the go-to on-line nuclear parts store, received an important feature update as customers can now “chat” online with our team while searching for parts. To best service our customers, a 24/7 Paragon representative is ready to instantly respond to parts requests. Paragon also added 50,000 commercial parts from our Teaming Partner NRI and parts from the Pilgrim plant through Holtec. As a result, Paragon will be able to provide almost 9 million parts – all available from myriad sources and locations, and all centralized in our PeAks system, ready to source to customers as needed.

Stay healthy and well.

Doug VanTassell
President & CEO
Paragon Energy Solutions