Case Study

Since 2014, Paragon has provided the largest US Nuclear Utility with electronics repair services for their fleet. Cost savings of repair vs. replacement have reached $1.6M per year while improving equipment reliability. Paragon has applied a rigorous process in compliance with ASME NQA-1 to ensure that repaired cards are returned to OEM specifications with excellent workmanship. Additionally, the utility has engaged Paragon’s reverse engineering capabilities to maximize cost savings. An integrated approach to I&C life-cycle management continues to reduce system obsolescence and improve reliability.

Circuit Cards, Power Supplies and Assemblies

From Reactor Nuclear Instrumentation Systems to Relay Cards to Analog Controllers, Paragon is the go-to source for electronic component repair. Our team of dedicated I&C repair engineers perform extensive analysis to ensure that your card is returned to OEM specifications. We also provide our customers with valuable insights into repair history and common failure modes for their equipment. Contact us to inquire.

Learn how I&C Repair generates value in conjunction with Paragon’s integrated Nuclear Inventory Management capabilities.

Repair Process Overview

Paragon's industry-leading I&C Repair program can provide cost-effective life extension of your I&C assets. By focusing on OEM specifications and defining proper performance parameters, we provide a quality repair for power supplies and circuit cards.

Step 1: Receipt Inspection
Step 2: As Found Testing to test all inputs and outputs: Troubleshooting/Identification of age-sensitive or defective components
Step 3: Step 3: Evaluation of replacement components
Step 4: Repair and Workmanship Inspection
Step 5: Post Repair Testing, Burn-in, Post Burn-in Testing
Step 6: Replacement Component Equivalency Evaluation and Repair Report Documentation; Certificate of Conformance