Recent News & Events from Paragon

Paragon has entered into a preferred supplier agreement with X-energy, a leading developer of small modular nuclear reactor and fuel technology for clean energy generation. Under this agreement, Paragon is the exclusive worldwide supplier for three key instrumentation and control systems for the Xe-100 advanced nuclear reactor: the Reactor Protection System (RPS), the Post-Event Monitoring System, and the Neutron Instrumentation System.  (2023) Read the full press release »

Paragon has acquired the intellectual property of Pentas Controls, a company that has supplied safety- and non-safety-related printed circuit board replacements and repair services to the nuclear industry for over twenty years. (2023) Read the full press release »

Paragon has entered into a license agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leader in serving science. The agreement grants Paragon a license for Thermo Fisher’s Gamma Metrics Neutron Flux Monitoring product line to enable the long-term support of the products. The definitive agreement facilitates the ability of Thermo Fisher’s legacy nuclear reactor customers to purchase spares, upgrades, services, and new systems from Paragon. (2023) Read the full press release »

Paragon and X-energy have announced the completion of a Reactor Protection System prototype. The four-division RPS prototype utilizes Paragon’s highly integrated protection system (HIPS) and marks the first time that Paragon has deployed HIPS to a Gen IV high-temperature gas reactor (HTGR), an evolution to more robust, reliable, and secure technology that further advances nuclear safety. (2022) Read the full press release »

Paragon has announced its representation within the power industry for Power Plant Services (PPS), a company that provides an extensive range of parts manufacturing. With this complementary alliance, Paragon is outfitted to serve the nuclear power industry with additional manufacturing solutions as an official order point for PPS. (2022)

Paragon has officially celebrated its fifth anniversary. The company, however, dates back many more years to the early 1990s with several legacy companies including ATC Nuclear, Nuclear Logistics Inc., Technology Resources, and Rock Creek Innovations. (2022) Read the full press release »

Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, and Paragon Energy Solutions have signed a contract to design and manufacture unique neutron monitoring detectors for NuScale Power, the only provider of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) with design approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (2022) Read the full press release »

Paragon announces that the company has signed a patent license agreement with NuScale Power. The agreement will enable the widespread use of the advanced Highly Integrated Protection System (HIPS) platform, a protection system architecture. The HIPS platform was developed to enable those in the nuclear industry to meet global decarbonization goals via an efficient, cost-effective, and cyber-resistant I&C protection system solution. (2022) Read the full press release »

Paragon is featured Nuclear Engineering International magazineNuclear Moneyball – The Art of Winning. In the high-risk era of plant modernizations and closures, can playing the odds help modest-budgeted plants thrive? This article, which highlights the HIPS platform, is co-authored by Tighe Smith and Ryan Marcum. (2022) Read the article »

Paragon presented a webinar, led by Doug VanTassell and Tim Vickers, to share more about the upgraded Paragon’s PeAks+ program.  PeAks has become the go-to program to source nuclear parts, and PeAks+ is a log-in version of the program that contains vast information from your station or fleet inventory and purchasing requirements. The program provides information needed to quickly guide buying decisions. (2022) Watch the rebroadcast of the webinar »

Paragon announces a teaming relationship with Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business. The agreement encompasses joint marketing and project development and execution in the growing nuclear small modular reactor (SMR) and advanced reactor markets. (2022) Read the full press release »

Paragon’s Tighe Smith joined Christopher Freeman of Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business to present on the technical challenges in the emerging SMR market during a webinar. (2022) Watch the replay »

Paragon is proud to announce the acquisition of Rock Creek Innovations, LLC. Rock Creek is an innovation company that designs and licenses the Highly Integrated Protection System (HIPS) Platform for use in U.S. NRC regulated Nuclear Safety Related Control Systems and is a hardware supplier of commercial nuclear protections systems based on the HIPS Platform.  Gregg Clarkson, founder and former President of Rock Creek, will now assume the role of Chief Innovation Officer at Paragon. (2021) Read the full press release »

Paragon is pleased to announce that the company has been acquired by Windjammer Capital Investors and the Paragon management team. As Paragon’s CEO Doug VanTassell explained, “We are thrilled to partner with Windjammer, as this will allow us to further develop and expand our product and service offerings to directly benefit our current and future customers.” (2021) Read the full press release »

Paragon announces the acquisition of Technology Resources (TR), a firm focused on nuclear reactor instrumentation and control system licensing and engineering support for the existing fleet and new reactors across the U.S. and around the world. Ted Quinn will join Paragon as an employee in a newly created role as VP of Licensing. Ted has more than four decades of experience in managing utility and DOE projects across U.S. and International sites. (2021)  Learn more and read the full press release »

Tighe Smith speaks on Instrumentation & Control Solutions for Small & Advanced Reactors at the Nuclear Engineering International Event. (2021)  Learn more »

David Mueller, the VP of Strategic Programs at Paragon, penned an article for Nuclear News: “PowerLabs, Paragon, and the Parts Quality Initiative.” (2021)  Learn more »

John Portillo, Paragon’s Senior Director of Nuclear Sales Operations, was featured in Nuclear News. He responds to the question, “What is the most difficult nuclear part to replace?” (2021)  Learn more »

Paragon accepted the award for USA Supplier of the Year for Technology & the Supplier-Partner “Cost Cutter” Award. (2020)  Learn more »

Paragon’s Doug Van Tassell (President & CEO) and Tighe Smith (VP of Business Development) were interviewed in Nuclear News. They spoke on the topic of having spare parts available quickly, efficiently, and at a good value. The duo also explains how the pandemic put a bigger focus on the accuracy and availability of critical parts. (2020)  Learn more »

Paragon was featured in an article about Utilities Service Alliance’s Material Cost Reduction project in Nuclear News. The article discusses how material cost reduction may be realized through cost-effective procurement scenarios, such as the application of commercial grade dedication, reverse engineering, and electronic component repairs. The article shares the insight of Dave Mueller, Paragon’s VP of Strategic Programs. (2020) Learn more »