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Moore Industries 535 Process Controller Qualified for Safety-Related Operations by ATC Nuclear

Moore Industries 535 Process Controller

Exceeding Nuclear Industry Requirements

Moore Industries was established in 1968 and continues to be a privately held firm led by its founder and president Leonard W. Moore.

Perhaps best known for product quality and exceptional customer service, Moore Industries — The Interface Solution Experts — is a world leader in the design and manufacture of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation.

The 535 controller is designed to ensure the integrity of your process with maximum reliability. It has been engineered to be the most accurate instrument in its class. With three digital display areas, the 535 is the industry’s most user-friendly process controller.

Paragon Energy Solutions has teamed with Moore Industries to qualify their 535 controllers for safety-related applications. Paragon Energy Solutions performed the following tests and evaluations on the Moore Industries 535 Controller.

Environmental - In accordance with IEEE 323 including ambient temperature rating, relative humidity, and radiation testing.

Seismic - In accordance with IEE 344. Equipment subjected to seismic tests consisting of five Operational Basis Earthquakes (ONBs) and one Safe Shutdown Earthquake (SSE).

EMI/RFI - In accordance with US NRC RG 1.180 RI1 and EPRI TR-102323. The 535 was subjected to radiated susceptibility, conducted susceptibility, surge immunity, electrical fast/ transient burst, electrostatic discharge susceptibility (ESD), radiated emissions, and conducted emissions testing.

Dedication Process for digital equipment - In accordance with EPRI NP-5652 “Guideline for the Utilization of Commercial Grade Items in Nuclear Safety-Related Applications am EPRI TR-106439 “Guideline on Evaluation and Acceptance of Commercial Grade Digital Equipment for Nuclear Safety-Related Applications.”

Product Descriptions and Specifications

LEARN MORE: WHY WE ARE CONSIDERED THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRYFrom its surge-resistant power supply to its rugged construction, the 535 process controller is designed to ensure the integrity of your process with maximum reliability. The isolated inputs and outputs guard against the dangers of electrical interference, the front face meets NEMA 4X standards for watertight operation and exposure to corrosive environments, and the solid metal housing and sturdy rubber keys enhance durability and ESD protection.

The 535 has been engineered to be the industry’s most user-friendly process controller. With three digital display areas-two offering up to 9 characters of true alphanumerics-the 535 effectively eliminated the cryptic messages that could confuse even the most experienced operator. The bright, crisp display is vacuum fluorescent and offers much better readability than any other display technology. Additional operator-friendly features include: custom programmable alarm messages, illuminated keys, and an easy-to-use menu system.

These multifunction Model 535 1/4 DIN Single Loop Process Controllers provide PID control of any analog process variable (temperature, pressure, level and flow) in batch and continuous process applications.

Available models of the 535 Process Controllers provide a proportional analog control signal output that is typically used to regulate a control valve or similar final control element. Also available are processed controller models with alarm trip outputs for on/off control or to warn of unwanted high/low conditions.

535 Process Controllers offer advanced tuning features which allow you to bring the process under control faster, more accurately and far more easily than competitive single-loop controllers, PLC and PC-based strategies. Its auto-tune capability constantly analyzes your process and makes modifications to the tuning parameters to ensure precise, long-term, stable control.

Major Features of these Process Controllers

  • Universal input (mA, mV, V, RTD or Thermocouple)
  • Isolated analog outputs (control, high/low, deviation and rate of change)
  • Alarm trip outputs (control, high/low, deviation and rate of change)
  • PowerTune delivers pretuning, adaptive tuning and powerback anty-overshoot
  • Quick setup of process controllers with plain-English menu prompts and large back-lit keys
  • NEMA 4X front panel with extra-bright 2-line, 5-digit PV display

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