I&C Reverse Engineering

It’s Not Obsolete Until We Say It’s Obsolete

What Can I&C Reverse Engineering Do For You?

  • Solve your most difficult I&C obsolescence issues
  • Provide an analog replacement
  • . . . saving you millions of dollars!

LEARN MORE: ECONOMICALLY EXTEND LIFE AND IMPROVE RELIABILITYOur goal is to enable nuclear power plants to continue to operate safely, reliably, and economically. Obsolescence Top 10 lists are dominated by I&C components, with digital upgrades for analog parts costing millions of dollars and introducing cybersecurity risks.  I&C Reverse Engineering provides an excellent solution and has a profound effect on equipment reliability and operations & maintenance costs.  Using repair and reverse engineering to sustain analog assets is quickly becoming a key strategy in the nuclear power generation industry.  Solving parts and equipment obsolescence using a high quality, yet economic approach is our top priority.  We strive to maintain analog design and provide our customers with huge savings in OEM upgrades, engineering modifications, and many other custom services.

ATC Nuclear I&C Nuclear lab facilities

Exceeding Nuclear Industry Requirements

Our reverse engineering package includes:

  • Design Management Plan – project layout, resources, schedule, required scope
  • Design Drawings – schematics, BOM, artwork, outline, wiring, mechanical
  • Design Specifications – develop basis for tolerances, inputs, outputs, etc.
  • Design Limit Test Procedure – prototype, limits
  • Acceptance/Test Procedures (FAT)
  • Qualification with Test Report (as required)
  • Item Equivalency – dispositions all differences

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