Instrumentation and Controls (I&C)

The Nuclear Promise Delivered Through I&C Reverse Engineering and Repair

As part of our mission to deliver the nuclear promise, Paragon Energy Solutions is solving your most difficult I&C nuclear parts aging and obsolescence issues—including analog replacements—and potentially saving you millions of dollars in the process.

Our focus on the nuclear promise stems from our enduring commitment to provide customized solutions to the nuclear industry. Currently, the U.S. nuclear power plant fleet is facing incredible challenges related to obsolete and degraded I&C parts and equipment, potentially hampering continued plant operations. As the need to replace circuit boards and other I&C systems increases, the industry is experiencing lost power generation and reliability due to high costs, qualification and regulatory issues, and cybersecurity concerns.

HPCI Motor Controller
HPCI Motor Controller
Airpax Tachometer
Chemtron Timer
Eberline IB4 Rad Monitor
Woodward EGM
Eberline Boards
TIP Drawer
TIP Logic Board

The Paragon Energy Solutions I&C life-cycle management program is a cost-effective solution that proactively counteracts the effects of I&C parts and equipment obsolescence while retaining existing power plant I&C equipment. Our program supports both your safety- and non-safety-related systems and components.

I&C Savings Examples

Traversing Incore Probe (TIP) Drive Control Units (DCU)        OPRM        Eberline Area Rad Monitor        Voltage Regulator
Traversing Incore Probe (TIP) Drive Control Units (DCU)   OPRM   Eberline Area Rad Monitor   Voltage Regulator
Savings of $22M

TIP DCU controls insertion of the detectors from the top to bottom of the core; utilized for measuring neutron flux distribution in the Rx core
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  Savings of $151M

System initiates a Rx scram upon detection of power oscillations in the reactor core
  Savings of $2M

Eberline area radiation monitors
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  Savings of $1.8M

The voltage regulator circuit boards control the generating stations High Pressure Core Spray (HPCS) diesel generator, which is required to support safety function Supply Power and Core Cooling following a Loss of Cooling Accident (LOCA)


I&C Reverse Engineering

Our goal is to enable engineers and everyone involved in nuclear power generation to continue to operate safely, reliably, and economically. Obsolescence Top 10 lists are dominated by I&C components, with digital upgrades costing millions of dollars and introducing cybersecurity risks. Read More »


I&C Repair

Paragon Energy Solution's I&C lifecycle management program is designed to help nuclear utilities proactively counteract the effects of I&C obsolescence in a cost-effective manner. Read More »

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