Paragon has kicked off a webinar series in 2020, with information covering a range of important topics related to the nuclear industry. Look for more Paragon webinars in the coming months.

I&C Repair: the best way to mitigate obsolescence.

Many of our clients turn to I&C repair in order to extend the life of I&C assets in a cost-effective way. Keep in mind that the costs of repairing Safety Related I&C components is substantially less than purchasing new OEM components. A mistake many companies make: turning to replacement too quickly and too often. Our capabilities are vast and the webinar gives excellent examples demonstrating how Paragon can help you repair more and spend less.

I&C Reverse Engineering & Custom Design: a costly system upgrade is not the only option.

Is your plant struggling with obsolescence issues and being forced to fund costly upgrades? A reverse engineering solution from Paragon could be exactly what your plant needs to show substantial cost savings. Reverse engineering projects range from simple card  replacements to complex system re-manufacturing. Tune into the webinar to see an expansive list of examples that demonstrate the full capability of our industry leading program.

Tap into PeAks: your first stop to locate nuclear plant parts and find cost-saving solutions.

PeAks is Paragon’s web-based software tool—intuitive and easy-to-use—bringing together utility inventory, partner inventory and Paragon solutions for repair, dedication and reverse engineering. PeAks is a complete nuclear parts catalogue, connecting you to solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Our webinar showcases how PeAks is truly changing the way the nuclear power industry sources parts.

The Ins & Outs of Equipment Qualification: The Best Way to Save Time and Prevent Costly Rework

Maintaining the qualification of installed equipment is a big challenge for nuclear power plants and DOE facilities. Equipment qualification provides documented evidence that the electrical, instrumentation and control (I&C), and mechanical equipment are able to perform their safety-related functions reliably on demand – no matter the circumstances or the environment.