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Our reputation in the nuclear industry is second-to-none and is a testament to our reliability in delivering the nuclear promise. Our experienced professionals understand your cost drivers and the challenges of maintaining and improving your safety-related programs. Together, we can solve your commercial grade dedication and qualification, and reverse engineering and repair challenges, and provide effective and efficient inventory management of safety-related parts and repairs. Please take just a few minutes to watch the video below for more about how partnering with Paragon Energy Solutions can lower your cost and extend the life of your plant.

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The “Delivering the Nuclear Promise” initiative was established to address the issues facing the industry today, and Paragon Energy Solution's Inventory Management System—NIMS—plays an integral and high-impact role in our promise to meet those challenges.

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Paragon Energy Solutions division delivers customizable programmatic solutions to the Nuclear Industry. An example of one such successful program is a significant investment recovery program that we manage for a major Utility customer.

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