12 million parts and counting

PeAks is a web-based software tool managed by Paragon’s team of supply chain experts. A comprehensive nuclear parts catalog, PeAks pools together both utility and supplier inventory to effectively bridge the gaps faced by nuclear plant managers.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, PeAks enables users to tap into a powerful database to find needed nuclear parts quickly, cost-effectively, and helps users make “smart” buying decisions. Users will also find engineering solutions through the library of repair, reverse engineering, and commercial grade dedication options available.

Visit the powerful PeAks online catalog.

Leading the industry

Highly advanced and analytical, PeAks is designed to combine and aggregate industry datasets into one common dataset.  Using this dataset, Paragon reviews and evaluates a site-specific request and also compares the site request to the industry.  This industry unique tool has provided individual sites, fleets, and the entire industry a wider perspective on the never-ending battle against obsolescence, critical spare management, and parts quality initiatives.

It is widely considered the most innovative and cost-effective nuclear supply chain tool in the industry today.

The benefits of PeAks are clear

Matching nuclear and power plant parts with buyers and sellers, PeAks has many benefits:

  • No login is required
  • Available 24/7/365
  • View on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Use in crisis situations, as a contingency plan, to lower costs, or for ongoing parts sourcing
  • Features U.S.-based customer service with years of experience supporting utilities

Visit the Paragon PeAks online nuclear parts catalog.