EGM Angle

Leading-edge solutions for the trailing edge of technology

Paragon’s products are designed for reliable operation, with the life extension of your system in mind. Our skilled team of engineers and technicians have a track record of successfully Reverse Engineering the most complex of systems.

Our PeAks catalog has a wide range of reverse engineering solutions. Visit the powerful PeAks online database.

Exceeding nuclear industry requirements

Trusted by Nuclear operators worldwide, Paragon’s Safety Related products are designed and manufactured to stringent standards under our NQA-1 quality program. Reverse engineering projects are performed to the requirements of 10CRFR50 Appendix B and the guidance in EPRI Report TR-107372.

Reverse engineered solutions

Paragon’s reverse engineering catalog encompasses Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), CANDU applications, and various station OEMs.

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