What is PeAks+?
PeAks+ is a dynamic, decision tool that enables nuclear part buyers to make the best purchasing decision.

And why is PeAks+ dynamic? It was configured to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the supply chain, because as we all know that landscape is constantly changing.

PeAks+ solves challenges faced in the industry: addressing urgent needs in a timely way. Meeting emergent needs and solving emergent problems. Avoiding obsolescence. Providing all buyers with the optimal tool to make the best decision – quickly.

PeAks+ is the answer the industry has been seeking. PeAks+ quite simply improves efficiency within the supply chain – so that a facility’s buyers can confidently obtain quality parts in a timely and cost-effective way. Sign up for PeAks+ today.

Why use PeAks+?
It all comes down to getting the quality parts you need, quickly and efficiently. No platform does it better than PeAks.

Need help or want to talk to a live person? Yes, we have experts to assist you and who will happily speak with you as needed.

And we know that the part is just one option – we also offer repair and reverse engineering if that is the best solution for your situation. We ensure every component and part is of the quality you need and expect – every item comes from a trusted, proven source and is ready to work for you.

What others say about PeAks / Paragon:
“The PeAks team truly makes customer satisfaction a top priority.”

“When we can’t find the part we need, Paragon comes through for us. Each and every time.”

“PeAks is quick, it’s easy to use, and it saves us money.”

“In the 30 years I’ve worked in the Nuclear industry, I’ve never seen a company as committed as Paragon is to understanding the challenges we are having at the plant and creating solutions when we think we are out of options. There is not even a close second place.”