The Nuclear Industry’s most trusted supplier.

Our mission at Paragon is to improve the world around us by lowering our carbon footprint through innovative programs that ensure nuclear is safe, sustainable, and economical. Life at Paragon centers around our guiding principles, commonly referred to as our 3 Ps and 3 Cs. These guide us in how we behave, interact and give back.

Paragonians have a commitment to our customers, to our industry, to our company, to our community, and to each other.

Paragonians are:

A Paragonian is someone who embraces and exemplifies the values of Paragon. Within our workplace, Paragonians:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Are dedicated to quality and reliability
  • Develop technologically advanced, innovative products
  • Always have an eye on safety
  • Find creative solutions to problems and obstacles
  • Are true team players

In our community, Paragonians:

  • Support efforts that make our community a better place
  • Actively volunteer time on an ongoing basis to non-profit organizations that improve our world
  • Act as stewards to reduce our carbon footprint