Reliable Power Level Monitoring and Control for Nuclear Power Plants

Is it time to modernize your aged or obsolete nuclear instrumentation systems to support life extension?

Are your current systems unreliable and noisy, resulting in extended outages to troubleshoot and repair or replace failures?

The Paragon NFMS is a complete line of neutron flux monitoring system products to help nuclear power plants solve these problems.

You know it is time to upgrade when equipment obsolescence and safety concerns demand excessive time to maintain the reliability and qualification of your reactor instrumentation. With minimal impact and cost, nuclear power plants can easily upgrade their existing ex-core neutron flux monitoring systems (detectors, cables, and electronics) to the simpler and more reliable Paragon NFMS line of products.

Peace of mind comes from working with our team to install the Paragon NFMS, as the benefits are clear: higher reliability, lower maintenance costs, better accuracy, and compliance with all pertinent regulatory guides.

Qualified to last the life of the reactor, the rugged, field-proven components and a streamlined design give the Paragon NFMS superior reliability. Nuclear power plants are no longer forced to routinely replace short-lived detectors or continually service obsolete electronics.

Whether upgrading to the Paragon-designed NFMS or leveraging Paragon’s intellectual property license for the Gamma-Metrics NFMS product line, nuclear reactors benefit by upgrading their Nuclear Instrumentation Systems due to the system’s high reliability, low maintenance costs, high immunity to electromagnetic interference, ease of installation, and ease of testing.


  • Source Range Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems
  • Intermediate (Wide) Range Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems
  • Power Range Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems
  • Qualified for Safety Class 1E and US NRC RG 1.97 Post-Accident Monitoring Applications
  • 10CFR50 Appendix R Remote Shutdown Monitoring Systems
  • Audible Count Rate and Scaler-Timer Drawers
  • Shutdown Margin Monitors (for boron dilution detection)
  • Cabinets
  • 40-year life under normal full-power operating conditions
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program
  • In-house Equipment Qualification Testing Capabilities (Sesimic, EMI/RFI, Environmental)

Paragon develops innovative solutions for the nuclear industry that are safer, more reliable, and more cost-efficient.