Paragon: Your Single Source for HVAC

Paragon, exclusively supporting the nuclear industry for more than 30 years, is an industry-leading supplier of Safety-Related and ASME Section III HVAC equipment, including chillers, A/C units, chiller controls, fans, dampers, and more.

Paragon offers complete systems as well as individual components.

Ensuring critical equipment remains operable and ensuring spaces are habitable for operators require reliable HVAC equipment. With a dedicated engineering and production staff, Paragon excels at modifying commercial and custom designing, as necessary, HVAC equipment for use in ASME Section III and safety-related applications.  Modifications to commercial equipment are especially vital for seismic qualification and EMC applications.

Modifying and qualifying equipment from world-class manufacturers – such as Johnson Controls – is where Paragon excels.


Refrigeration units specifically designed to remove heat from water, chillers circulate chilled water through air handlers located near the rooms being cooled. Most air-cooled chillers are located outside, with water-cooled chillers located inside.

Paragon supplies multiple styles of chillers and has numerous qualified models for safety-related applications. Paragon’s ongoing relationships with our vendor partners provide access to proprietary controls software, and Paragon will ensure commercial chillers pass seismic testing by replacing brackets, adding gussets, and making other modifications to standard chillers as needed any by customer request.


Paragon can supply entire HVAC systems, chiller units, dampers, and fans. Paragon also supplies spare parts and components as needed for HVAC systems.


Paragon has years of experience upgrading old chillers to modern digital controls. Analog controls provide limited capabilities, and older chillers frequently trip offline which can result in reduced operating conditions and ultimately reactor scrams. Digital chillers monitor more parameters and take actions to keep chillers operating at reduced capacity, rather than simply tripping offline. By simply replacing the controls, plants often add 10 years to the life of an older chiller in good mechanical condition.


Paragon supplies both axial and centrifugal fans, plus reverse-engineered replacements for obsolete legacy fans or new fans modified to be equivalent replacements for legacy fans. In addition to new, Paragon offers complete fan overhaul and repair services and offers reverse engineering services to ensure parts can be obtained for obsolete legacy fans.

Our team has the expertise to ensure the right size fan is used for an application, which not only saves cost but assists plants that suffer from emergency diesel generator power demand requirements.

Paragon is an industry-leading supplier of difficult-to-obtain equipment for the nuclear industry, including HVAC equipment.