Paragon is a leader in the power industry regarding the development and deployment of software tools to support supply chain initiatives. Paragon’s web-based software tool—Peaks—supports the specific needs of managing inventory and CATIDs at power generating utilities. Paragon has invested in a team of individuals with significant experience in understanding, reviewing and optimizing inventory data for utilities.

Catalog Health

As nuclear power plants age, change systems, and turn over employees, part data in the data catalog can become disorganized and difficult to utilize in decision making. Paragon is able to bring our software tools and analysts into your parts data and quickly “clean” the data and make it more repeatable and ready for proactive decision making.

Our unique dataset can be applied to the part and component types specific to the nuclear power plant. Our Data Mining service leverages the power of the NIMS Tool to match an existing template to the description and automatically apply a suggested template. Paragon has experienced analysts with power utility backgrounds who review the match and verify the data template. For items that don’t match, the analyst creates a new template and the NIMS Tool automatically associates matches to the new template.