At Paragon, you will find customer service specialists available 24/7. Our employees understand the sense of urgency required to keep nuclear power plants running safely and smoothly and always react quickly to plant needs. For assistance please contact us at 865-888-6853 or [email protected].

Hard To Find Parts

Paragon customer service specialists have years of experience in sourcing difficult to find parts. We can help you locate large parts such as motors, pumps and transformers that can be difficult for plant buyers to locate on their own. Our team maintains a network of trusted suppliers to help our customers find the right part with the least effort.

Outage Support

Over 50% of the NIMS customer service team have experience working in nuclear power plants—we understand what it means to support your outage. No matter how big or how small the part is, our team will make sure you get the parts when you need them while keeping you informed of the parts status throughout the delivery process.