As an essential supplier of mission-critical products and services that support the U.S. the Department of Energy (DOE), Paragon has worked on a range of projects.

Remediation sites

Paragon works closely with the DOE Environmental Management Office (EM) on Remediation Site projects, with the mission to complete the safe cleanup of five decades of weapons development and nuclear energy research.

Supporting efforts since the early 2000s, Paragon provides custom-designed equipment for new construction of cleanup facilities such as the Waste Treatment Plant (Washington) and Savannah River Site (South Carolina).

Test reactor locations

Paragon supports existing DOE test reactors at locations such as the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at Idaho National Labs. Paragon is actively involved in maintaining and upgrading equipment in these vital facilities, which are key to the research and testing of new fuels and materials. The ATR and more than two dozen other training and test reactors throughout the country support the advancement of carbon-free nuclear power in the U.S. and abroad.

Mission-critical components & services

DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), managing eight sites across the nation, looks to Paragon’s support for the mission of the NNSA which is in part to maintain the U.S. nuclear stockpile.  Paragon provides mission-critical components and services to facilities such as Los Alamos National Labs and Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

DOE facilities request Paragon’s expertise in the qualification and dedication of the hundreds of COTS (Commercial, off-the-shelf) items required in QL-1 applications. Paragon’s success with custom-designed equipment ranges from the areas of consumable items, valves, and electrical/electronic equipment, to the contracting of qualification activities to and support the equipment of other OEMs.