ROCKVILLE, Maryland, December 21, 2022 – X Energy Reactor Company, LLC (“X-energy”, the “Company”), a leading developer of small modular nuclear reactor and fuel technology for clean energy generation, in partnership with Paragon Energy Solutions (“Paragon”), a leading specialist in the design and manufacturing of critical safety systems, today announced the completion of a Reactor Protection System (“RPS”) prototype, a key safety feature of X-energy’s Xe-100 advanced nuclear reactors. The four-division RPS prototype utilizes Paragon’s highly integrated protection system (HIPS) and marks the first time that Paragon has deployed HIPS to a Gen IV high-temperature gas reactor (HTGR), an evolution to more robust, reliable, and secure technology that further advances nuclear safety.

X-energy worked with Paragon for two years to develop, deliver, install, and test the RPS prototype in the Company’s control room simulator at its Rockville, Maryland headquarters. Paragon has been tapped to build and deliver the four-division RPS to all Xe-100 plants around the world when they are deployed.

“Paragon is committed to supporting a zero-carbon energy future, and is working to develop innovative nuclear solutions that are safer, more reliable, and more cost-efficient,” said Doug VanTassell, Paragon’s President and CEO. “We are excited a key partner in the deployment of innovative small modular nuclear reactor technology as we enter this long-term strategic agreement with X-energy.”

“The completion of these critical safety mechanisms is yet another demonstration of the innovative nuclear technology we are bringing to the market,” said X-energy CEO J. Clay Sell. “Safety is the most important objective of our company, our people, and our products. We have developed a system that is more effective and secure, and less costly and complex than legacy systems used by older nuclear power plants. Our system is designed to ensure the safe and secure operation of our reactors at all times.”

The RPS is a set of independent and redundant instrumentation and control components that enable the automatic and safe shutdown of a nuclear reactor, providing an added layer of protection for the plant and its environment. RPS uses the HIPS platform developed by Paragon based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) technology.

FPGA-based systems tend to be more resilient and robust than systems found in older nuclear power plants, and significantly reduce the potential for cyber-attacks, thereby lowering the risk of disruption. The platform is more secure and streamlined because a HIPS FPGA-based system is a hardware-only product with no run-time software. The system’s structure and design insulate it from coding errors and reduce cybersecurity risks, thus addressing regulatory concerns about digital safety systems.

The prototype delivery is a milestone  in X-energy’s progress toward completing the Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (“ARDP”). The DOE selected X-energy to receive up to $1.2 billion of federal cost-shared funding to develop, license, build, and demonstrate operational advanced reactors by the end of the decade. X-energy expects to demonstrate its Xe-100 HTGRs under the program by 2028.

The pioneering Xe-100 design couples its scalability, innovative modularity, enhanced safety and higher temperature capabilities with decades of HTGR research and operating experience. The reactor is fueled by X-energy’s proprietary TRISO-X fuel, which has been called “the most robust nuclear fuel on earth” by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Xe-100 is engineered to operate as a single 80-megawatt (“MWe”) unit and is optimized as a four-unit plant delivering 320 MWe.

X-energy announced on December 6 plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with Ares Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: AAC) (“AAC”). Upon the closing of the transaction, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023, the combined company will be named X Energy, Inc. and its common equity securities and warrants are expected to be listed on the NYSE.

About Paragon Energy Solutions
Paragon provides an unmatched level of commitment to tackling the nuclear industry’s most difficult challenges. Dedicated to quality, safety, reliability, and carbon-free energy, the company delivers premium products to nuclear energy facilities with proven reductions in direct costs, parts inventory, improved process efficiency, and obsolescence solutions. or (865) 966-5330. Follow Paragon on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About X Energy Reactor Company, LLC
X Energy Reactor Company, LLC, is a leading developer of small modular nuclear reactor and fuel technology for clean energy generation that is redefining the nuclear energy industry through its development of safer and more efficient advanced small modular nuclear reactors and proprietary fuel to deliver reliable, zero-carbon and affordable energy to people around the world. X-energy’s simplified, modular and intrinsically safe SMR design expands applications and markets for deployment of nuclear technology and drives enhanced safety, lower cost and faster construction timelines when compared with other SMRs and conventional nuclear. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Ares Acquisition Corporation
AAC is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) affiliated with Ares Management Corporation, formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination. AAC is seeking to pursue an initial business combination target in any industry or sector in North America, Europe or Asia. For more information about AAC, please visit

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In connection with the business combination (the “Business Combination”) with X-energy, AAC will file a registration statement on Form S-4 (the “Registration Statement”) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), which will include a preliminary proxy statement/prospectus to be distributed to holders of AAC’s ordinary shares in connection with AAC’s solicitation of proxies for the vote by AAC’s shareholders with respect to the Business Combination and other matters as described in the Registration Statement, as well as a prospectus relating to the offer of securities to be issued to X-energy equity holders in connection with the Business Combination. After the Registration Statement has been filed and declared effective, AAC will mail a copy of the definitive proxy statement/prospectus, when available, to its shareholders. The Registration Statement will include information regarding the persons who may, under the SEC rules, be deemed participants in the solicitation of proxies to AAC’s shareholders in connection with the Business Combination. AAC will also file other documents regarding the Business Combination with the SEC. BEFORE MAKING ANY VOTING DECISION, INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS OF AAC AND X-ENERGY ARE URGED TO READ THE REGISTRATION STATEMENT, THE PROXY STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS CONTAINED THEREIN, AND ALL OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS FILED OR THAT WILL BE FILED WITH THE SEC IN CONNECTION WITH THE BUSINESS COMBINATION AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUSINESS COMBINATION.

Investors and security holders will be able to obtain free copies of the Registration Statement, the proxy statement/prospectus and all other relevant documents filed or that will be filed with the SEC by AAC through the website maintained by the SEC at In addition, the documents filed by AAC may be obtained free of charge from AAC’s website at or by written request to AAC at Ares Acquisition Corporation, 245 Park Avenue, 44th Floor, New York, NY 10167.

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