Paragon has become the go-to option for custom replacements of dedicated and qualified equipment packages. Below are several projects fabricated and built under Paragon’s rigorous quality program.

Photo of complex air compressor skids built to replace an outdated system.

Air Compressor System

Paragon supplied complex air compressor skids to replace an outdated system, including an additional unit for Equipment Reliability. Paragon coordinated multiple sub-suppliers for procurement of the equipment, qualification, and dedication. CGD efforts occurred both in Paragon’s lab and during Functional Acceptance Testing at the manufacturer. This was a new design and required Seismic as well as Electromagnetic Compatibility testing on a qualification specimen prior to completion of CGD activities.


Paragon supplies chillers with digital controls, requiring a close working relationship with the OEM to verify functionality, seismic ruggedness, and the reliability of the software within the programmable controls.

Motor Control Center Buckets

Paragon is the source for Replacement Motor Control Center Bucket Assemblies to solve your obsolete motor control center issues both for safety and non-safety related applications. Replacement bucket assemblies are designed to fit in your existing Motor Control Centers and are wired to match your existing electrical drawings—no plant changes are required. Production tests on each replacement unit and subcomponents including the following tests as a minimum:

  • Dielectric test in accordance with NEMA ICS 1
  • Contractor pick-up/drop out test
  • Circuit breaker trip testing per NEMA AB-4
  • Point-to-point check on all wiring
  • Fit-up testing in standard vertical section

Individual subcomponents are 100% functionally tested per IEEE 649 standard for Qualifying Motor Control Centers. Replacement buckets provide maximum flexibility to utilize the utilities’ preference on individual components even with installed MCCs of multiple types.