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Paragon’s extensive experience with neutron flux monitoring

The Paragon Neutron Flux Monitoring System (NFMS) provides neutron flux measurement from reactor shutdown to reactor full power level or from 10-1 nv to 1010 nv in a harsh environment. It is designed to measure neutron flux with the detector in high gamma radiation and electrical noise environment. The NFMS is designed for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. Its modularity allows easy installation, quick troubleshooting, and repair. Each channel consists of:

  • Detector Assembly
  • Interconnecting Cables
  • Amplifier Assembly
  • Signal Processor

Support for a wide range of detectors

Paragon can integrate most types of neutron flux monitoring detectors including:

  • Fission Chambers
  • Compensated Ion Chambers
  • Uncompensated Ion Chambers
  • Boron-10 Proportional Counters
  • Boron Trifluoride Proportional Counters

Paragon’s deep experience

Paragon’s experience runs deep. Examples of our work include:

Paragon provided a Medical Isotope Production project with 24 channels of neutron flux monitoring. The project integrates the CIC and BF3 detectors with amplifier electronics, connecting to the Rock Creek HIPS platform for signal conditioning, maintenance testing and calibration.

Paragon delivered over 1,300 completed circuit card assemblies in support of the Average Power Range Monitoring upgrade project. This package included Ion Chamber power supplies, Average Power Range Monitoring, Rod Block Monitoring, and Local Power Range Monitoring System components.

Paragon has supplied 45 Traversing In-Core Probe Drawers for 8 different reactors, providing OEM replacement drawers through GE Hitachi.

Complete refurbishment and repair of Intermediate Range Monitoring and Source Range Monitoring drawers, replacing over 80% of components.

Neutron flux solutions

See below for more details on several Paragon neutron flux projects.