Nuclear Inventory Management System

Nuclear Inventory Management System (NIMS)


The Nuclear Promise Delivered Through NIMS

The Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative was established by the Nuclear Energy Institute to address the viability issues facing the nuclear energy industry today, and Paragon Energy Solution's Inventory Management System—NIMS—plays an integral and high-impact role in our shared promise to meet those challenges.


What is NIMS?


What can NIMS do for you?

  • Stock your most commonly used safety-related items of equal or better quality
  • Reduce your overall costs by distributing engineering and quality costs across a larger across a larger number of nuclear energy suppliers
  • . . .saving you an average of 50%!


The Industry’s First Independent, Safety-Related MRO Program Provides:

  • Direct and indirect cost reduction
  • Spare parts and equipment availability
  • Inventory reduction
  • Process efficiency
  • Aging and obsolescence solutions

Warehouse & Sourcing

Changes in technologies, manufacturing processes and materials availability have led nuclear industry suppliers and manufacturers to discontinue common plant and safety equipment. Paragon Energy Solution's 66,299 sq. ft. warehouse contains over $70 million in parts and components inventory and can take care of your spare parts aging and obsolescence needs for many of these items. Check our competitively priced inventory 24/7 with a simple phone call.

Nuclear Parts Supply

Spare Parts

A partial list of our general spare parts inventory includes valves, pumps, switchgear, turbine parts, breakers, electrical parts, circuit boards, and power supplies. 

Investment Recovery

Investment Recovery

Paragon Energy Solution's investment recovery services enable you to maximize the value of the sale of excess and obsolete nuclear spare parts inventory, and capital spares assets, resulting in share-to-win programs and maximum ROI.

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