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Paragon’s products are designed for reliable operation, with the life extension of your system in mind. Our skilled team of engineers and technicians have a track record of successfully Reverse Engineering the most complex of systems. Search the Paragon Catalog for reverse engineered solutions today.

An engineer technician applying the stringent standards under our NQA-1 quality program

Reverse Engineering Process

Step 1: Analysis of specimen through non-destructive inspection and testing
Step 2: Development of Design Drawings: BOMs, Printed Circuit Board Layouts, Schematics, Assembly, etc., as applicable
Step 3: Design Development including Design Management Plan, Specimen Evaluation Report, Design Specification, Design Limit Test Procedure, Material Acceptance Procedure, Acceptance Procedure, Qualification Test Report & Item Equivalency Evaluation.
Step 4: Build and test prototype
Step 5: Manufacture of deliverable units
Step 6: Workmanship inspection, testing, Burn-in (24 hours unless otherwise specified), and Post Burn-in Testing
Step 7: Final product and Certificate of Conformance